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Osprey skateboards offer riders of all abilities and backgrounds a choice of boards to suit. Our double kick boards are made from durable Chinese and Canadian maple, built to take the adrenaline charged action of the park or the street!

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All Skateboards

With Osprey skateboards whether your style is exploring the urban jungle for stair sets and other structures to test your mettle, a frustrated surfer needing a fix or whether you’re a more laid back hill cruiser, then you will find a range of skateboards to fit in with your own personal ethos on skating.

Osprey skateboards are made from tough materials to handle not only the concrete wilderness but your own particular style and come complete with inspired heat transfer deck designs. Our double kick boards are made from strong Maple plys for a reliable trick heavy performance. 

Those looking for blistering downhill descents or a carving style of riding can check our versatile range of longboards ranging from pin tails to twin tips, there's also a range of mini cruisers, for those wanting to transport themselves across the urban jungle in style.